Pocket Sales - December 22, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 22 Dec 2017 3

Lots and lots of games on sale going into Christmas. We'll jump right into it. Happy holidays to you and yours!


Warhammer Quest (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

One of the best tactical combat games on mobile devices, Warhammer Quest is a gift that keeps on giving. For a buck, it's a can't-lose deal.

Demon's Rise 2 (iPad and Android): $.99

No stranger to Pocket Tactic's posts, Demon's Rise 2 is back on sale for just a buck. This is a must have for those who enjoy tactical, turn-based combat and tons of character options.

Invisible, Inc. (iPad): $.99

This stealthy turn-based tactical game is one of the best games of 2016.

Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch - Tyranid Invasion (iOS Universal): $.99

Yet another turn-based strategy game pit your Space Marines against the Tyranids in a series of tactical engagements.

Jaipur (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

Asmodee has their usual holiday sale up and running and I recommend grabbing Jaipur if you haven't yet. It's a very good adaptation of an excellent game and $4 off.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

If you've ever wanted to build a castle for King Ludwig II of Bavaria this sale is a must have. In Castles of Mad King Ludwig you lay tiles in an attempt to build the most extravagant possible castle for the king. It's tough to impress Ludwig, though, Disney based its theme park castles on his real-life examples.

Suburbia (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

Don't want to build a castle? No problem. Suburbia, the digital board game where you look to develop a small town into a thriving metropolis, is also just a buck.

Mini Metro (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

There's even more building games on sale this week. If you want to try your hand at building your own mass-transit system Mini Metro is your game. I gave it four stars and the game has since added an Endless Mode and a bunch of cities.

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition was the Pocket Tactics action-game-of-the-year runner up way back in 2015 and scored four stars when we reviewed it. Just a buck on iOS.

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked is also on sale for just a buck on iOS and $1.99 on Android.

Cat Quest (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99

It's the best cat-based RPG ever made, and one of the better games of the year. For $2, it's a steal. 

Age of Rivals (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99

Another of the best games of 2016, Age of Rivals is a card-drafting, civilization-building game and absolutely worth $2.

Twilight Struggle (iOS Universal and Android): $2.99

Perfect theme and perfectly functional asynchronous multiplayer, Twilight Struggle is in the Pantheon of board games, both tabletop and digital versions.

Crashlands (iOS and Android): $3.99

Real-time crafting RPG, and one of the best games of 2016, Crashlands is a more forgiving version Don't Starve. It's on sale and well worth your cash.

Titan Quest (iPad and Android): $3.99

Diablo-like RPG game Titan Quest is one of the better mobile options for fans of the genre.

Steamworld Heist (iOS Universal): $4.99

Steamworld Heist was one of the biggest, and most fun, games of 2016 and earned four well-deserved stars from JP. It is on the higher end in term of iOS price tags at $10, but is on sale for half off right now. If you were holding out on this one go get it!



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