Pocket Sales - January 12th, 2018

By Nick Vigdahl 12 Jan 2018 0

Look behind you. That's the holiday sale season receding into the background. Did you stock up on new games to (maybe) try out? January is usually a slow time for sales, but we've scrounged up some worthwhile contenders for your discount-gaming buck.


Doom & Destiny (iOS Universal): $.99 and Doom & Destiny Advanced (iOS Universal): $.99

The Doom & Destiny games are 8-bit RPGs that focus on four nerdy friends who are drawn into a fantasy world and mistaken for powerful heroes. It's not an original concept but both games are well reviewed and just a buck. 

  Doom & Destiny- screenshot

OTTTD: Over The Top Tower Defense (iOS Universal and Android): $.99/$2.09

Here's a sci-fi, action-RPG oriented, tower-defense title for those who like the genre. It's just under a buck on iOS and $2.09 on Android. 





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