Pocket Sales - November 17th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 17 Nov 2017 4

Lots of great sales this week, and you're going to want to take a look at this slate of games. All are RPGs or RPG hybrids and four of the five are at least $2 off.


Sonny (iOS Universal and Android): $0

The mobile remake of 2007 Flash-based game Sonny is a post-apocalyptic turn-based strategy RPG. It is normally free on Google Play but is likewise available for zero down and zero a month on the App Store. This is permanent, and is part of a slight switch in the game's business model.

Solitairica (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99

One of my favorite games of all time, the awesome solitaire-meets-RPG game Solitairica is on sale for $2 off (and free to try as always on Android). This game is filled with strategic fun and has a ton of replay-ability. Go get it if you haven't had the pleasure.

Hero Generations (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99 / $4.59 (No Sale on Android)

Heart Shaped Games just released their new game Brave Heart (which is on Out Now), but their last game Hero Generations is on sale for $1.99, its lowest price ever. Hero Generations is a bit of a roguelike and a bit of a 4x strategy game that stretches over generations of family and is all about leaving a lasting legacy. Unfortunately, there's no sale on Android.

Returner 77 (iOS Universal): $3.99

Returner 77 is a first-person, role-playing style, puzzler in the vein of The Room series. You are one of 77 returners sent back to earth to save it from an alien infestation and must board an alien spacecraft in orbit in order to do so. It's got great graphics and challenging puzzles to work your way through. It just came out and is on sale for the first time for a buck off.

That's all for this weeks sales round-up. Enjoy your weekends!



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