Pocket Sales -- November 3rd, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 03 Nov 2017 1

It's Friday. We made it. Reward yourself with a game or two on sale. This week there are some great options, including three recently released games strategy games and one mobile classic.


Dungeon Rushers (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

Dungeon Rushers isn't a terribly deep dungeon crawler, but it is entertaining and on sale for its lowest price ever, $1. It's got monsters, traps, treasure, loot, skills, crafting, and even an online arena system to battle other players.

Out There: Ω Edition (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

Also just a buck is Mi-Clos Studio's fantastic sci-fi adventure game Out There: Ω Edition. It's got a little of everything from interactive fiction, to RPG, to resource and crew management simulation game. If you haven't played it, this one is definitely worth a go.

Iron Marines (iOS Universal and Android): $2.99

One of the better real-time-strategy games on mobile, Iron Marines just came out last September and is now two bucks off for its first sale. If you enjoy Starcraft and similar games grab it and give it a go.

Eight Minute Empire (iOS Universal and Android): $3.99

Speedy exploration and civilization building game Eight Minute Empire was also just released and is also seeing its first sale on iOS. It's a buck off for now, and worth a look if you enjoy victory-point style board gaming on your mobile device.  The game is only on sale on iOS because it's always cheaper on Android.

That's all for this week's sales round-up - have a good weekend, and we'll see you on Monday!



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