Pocket Sales: October 20th, 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 20 Oct 2017 0

It's time once again for Asmodee Digital's big autumn sale and prices are slashed on their digital board games on both the Apple and Google Play stores. Prices are good until Sunday, so get in there and pick up some games if you don't have them!


Jaipur (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99/$.99

Two-player gem Jaipur is a great digital recreation of a fun card game where you square off against an opponent to become the preeminent merchant of Jaipur. Released earlier this year, Jaipur is well worth picking up for $2 on iOS and $1 on Android if only to play the solo mode.

Pandemic: The Board Game (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99

One of the world's best cooperative games, Pandemic, is also steal at two bucks. You have to be quick and good to stop a global pandemic from wiping out humanity.

Twilight Struggle (iPad and Android): $1.99/$2.99

Speaking of wiping out humanity, and two-player gems, any best-of list of digital board games must include Twilight Struggle. It is compelling, entertaining, challenging, and has a great Cold War theme. Even better: The game features solid asynchronous multiplayer. Twilight Struggle is bargain priced right now at $3 on iOS (70% off) and $2 on Android (60% off). Get it if you have not already!

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You can also pick up these other Asmodee games at a big discount. Reviews have been linked where we have them:

That's all for this week's sales round-up. Let us know if you spot anything else or pick up any of the above! 



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