Pocket Sales Presents: Black Friday 2017

By Nick Vigdahl 24 Nov 2017 3

Turkey! Pie! Football! Games! Family? Ok, so four out of five isn't bad. Thanksgiving in the United States marks the starting gun for the Christmas shopping season and mobile gaming is far from excluded. We see some of the biggest sales of the year around this time. So without further ado, feast your eyes and devices on this bevy of discounted games. 


The GO games (iOS Universal and Android): $.99

Square Enix's GO series drops in price a few times a year, and now is no exception. If for some reason you STILL haven't tried them out, pick them up for a buck each:

Demon’s Rise 2: Lords of Chaos (iOS Universal): $.99

Wave Light Game's Demon's Rise 2 was our RPG of the year in 2016 is on sale for a buck on iOS. It's full price on Android, but you can get the first Demon's Rise on the Google Play Store for a dollar.

Strike Team Hydra (iOS Universal): $.99

Speaking of Wave Light Games, their latest, sci-fi tactical RPG Strike Team Hydra, just came out last summer and scored 4 stars in our review. It's also just a buck on iOS.

Dungeon Rushers (iOS Universal): $.99

Mi-Clos Studio is in on the action as well, with their recent tactical RPG Dungeon Rushers...

Out There Ω Edition (iOS Universal): $.99

…as well as their classic sci-fi adventure, RPG, interactive fiction game Out There: Ω Edition.

Mini Metro (iOS Universal and Android): $1.99/$.99

One of 2016's best games, Mini Metro is on sale once again on both mobile stores. If you haven't tried out this mass-transit simulator make sure to grab it on the cheap now.

Don't Starve (Android): $.99

Now for an Android-only sale, fantastic survival simulator game  Don't Starve is back down to its lowest price ever, just a buck. If you enjoy crafting and, you know, avoiding dying a gruesome death check it out.

Puzzle Strike (iOS Universal): $1.99

Deckbuilding puzzle game Puzzle Strike is a highly interactive multiplayer game. Pick your strategy and work to foil that of your opponents. It came out in early 2016, yet this is its first sale ever and you can pick it up for half price.

Bastion (iOS Universal): $1.99

Amazing action-based mobile RPG Bastion, by Supergiant Games, is on sale for two bucks. It's worth it for the narrator alone and is an easy buy for fans of the genre.

Transistor (iOS Universal): $1.99

Supergiant's other RPG hit, sci-fi title Transistor, is also on sale. You wield a weapon of extraordinary power as you fight through a futuristic city in this action RPG.

Sentinels of the Multiverse (iOS Universal): $1.99

Handelabra's turn… let's start with superhero vs. supervillain tabletop card game gone digital Sentinels of the Multiverse. It's loads of fun and full of even more content if you want it, just $2 for the base game. 

Ticket to Ride (Android): $1.99

Let's get into some board games, we've got an all-time classic Ticket to Ride on sale for $2 on Android. It's a must-own for digital board game fans.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig (iOS Universal): $2.99

There's also Castles of Mad King Ludwig to consider…

Crowntakers (iOS Universal): $2.99

Roguelike RPG Crowntakers is one of the better games you may not have heard of and a dollar off in the App Store.

The Escapists (iOS  Universal and Android): $2.99/$2.69

Prison-escape simulator The Escapists is the most fun you'll have in prison…and a lot of fun in general too. There's crafting, plotting your escape, and giving some beat downs with the old bar of soap in a sock.

Bottom of the 9th (iOS Universal): $3.99

Back to Handelabra, we've got their recent release Bottom of the 9th for $4. Another digital convert, this one follows the last half inning of a baseball game between a scrappy, underdog home team and the favored visiting club.

Templar Battleforce (iOS): $4.99

The very XCOM-like Templar Battleforce is currently half off and if you're a fan of turn-based tactical games in space, it's really hard to beat. It was 2015's strategy-game-of-the-year on this site and scored four stars in our review. This one goes on sale on iOS fairly regularly but not so much on Android for some reason.

Eight Minute Empire (iOS and Android): $2.99

Released at the beginning of September, this turn-based boardgame adaptation quickly became one of our favourite releases of the year, earning a well deserved four stars from Matt in his review. Refreshingly quick and yet still possessing great depth, it's a great candidate for a Black Friday buy.

Seen any other deals we've missed as part of this year's Black Friday celebrations? Let us know in the comments! Until Next Year!



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