Pocket Tactics' Boxing Day Guide

By Nick VIgdahl 26 Dec 2017 3

Greetings fellow gamers and happy holidays. If you're like me you scored a few gift cards and are keen on picking up some fun new games to play. Once again, we've got you covered with our Boxing Day Guide. It's packed full of some of 2017's most entertaining games to pick up with your holiday loot. This year, games are sorted by iOS non-sale price. Android prices will vary, but usually not by much. I also endeavored to keep all options to $5 and under. There are a lot of great games for more, but we've got to draw the line somewhere. Enjoy and happy gaming!




Onirim (iOS and Android): Asmodee's solo digital variant of the tabletop card game came out early in the year but stuck near the top of the list of 2017s releases. What's more, the game is is free but with a couple $1 IAPs that are worth grabbing if you enjoy the game


Miracle Merchant (iOS Universal and Android): One of the best games of the year, and best solitaire-style games ever, Miracle Merchant is a must-have for fans of the genre and TinyTouchTales.

Mildly Interesting RTS (iOS Universal): More than mildly interesting, this is a fun and lightweight real-time strategy game. It's free to play but well worth paying the $2 for the extra veteran content.

Erin: The Last Aos Si (iOS Universal): I love the symbol drawing to cast spells and the initiative order for combat in this game. It's a ton of fun and uses a very respectful payment model. Erin is free to try with a pay-what-you-want model to unlock the full game starting at $2.


Card Thief (iOS Universal and Android): Super stealthy solitaire gem Card Thief is yet another 2017 must have from TinyTouchTales. It’s already gotten a juicy content upgrade and, given this developer’s history, more is likely on the way.

Reigns: Her Majesty (iOS Universal and Android): The Queen is dead, long live the Queen! The sequel to the breakthrough hit Reigns brings new mechanics and the same great game play.

Spaceplan (iOS Universal and Android): The most entertaining clicker (not quite clicker) I've ever played. It's a lot of sci-fi fun and full of potatoes. You can't beat that!

Missile Cards (iOS Universal): A mix of Missile Defense and Soltaire, Missile Cards brings turn-based tactical fun to your mobile device. Games are entertaining and quick and this one is worth a look if you enjoy solo card-based games.



Voyageur (iOS Universal and Android): Choose-your-own-adventure meets space trader meets literary RPG in this unique game. Check it out for something new.

The Escapists (iOS Universal and Android): Sandbox prison simulator The Escapists is the most fun you’ll ever have in prison. You can pump some iron and become the biggest, baddest dude in the joint. You can become the guy who can get, or craft, anything. You can, of course, also plot your escape.

Age of Rivals (iOS Universal and Android): It's been a crowded year for digital card and board games, but this title rises to the top and is a must have for fans of the genre.


Ticket to Earth (iOS Universal and Android): A tactical RPG adventure with a compelling, puzzle-like combat system, this is a great game with more content on the way.

Rome Total War Expansions (iPad): Feral Interactive released two standalone expansions for its Rome: Total War franchise on iPad. Barbarian Invasion and Alexander both introduce new scenarios and take advantage of the same great graphics and game play the original gave us in 2016. Each is certainly worth five bucks for fans of Rome: Total War.

Jaipur (iOS Universal and Android): Two-player trading game made the jump to digital this year and it is a very good implementation. It’s worth adding to your digital board game collection.

Predynastic Egypt (iOS Universal and Android): A beautiful and historically driven strategy game where you grow a tribe into an Egyptian empire. The gameplay is quite compelling, though it does lack replay value. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it to any strategy fan. The game’s a dollar more on Android, but also has a free version to try out.

Cat Quest (iOS Universal and Android): Cats, everywhere! Adventuring cats, fighting cats, cats that level up and get loot. It’s the biggest and best cat-based RPG in on mobile. Ok, so that’s not a big list, but, it is a very fun game with challenging but not super twitchy real-time combat.

Bottom of the 9th (iOS Universal and Android): It’s the bottom of the ninth, tie ball game, the plucky and underdog home team must score now or they will surely fall in extra innings to the superior visitors. You can play as either the home team or visitors and the game is packed with good tactical decisions.

Darkest Dungeon (iPad): One of the most talked about mobile games of the year is Darkest Dungeon, a game also considered to be one of the most challenging roguelikes ever made. Your party will face both physical danger and psychological assault while facing all manner of Lovecraftian horrors. It’s a great game if you don’t mind a hefty challenge.

Warhammer Quest 2 (iOS Universal): The recently released Warhammer Quest 2 is a follow up to the classic mobile tactical RPG. Once again you command a party of heroes as they seek to prevent the end times. The original wasn’t broke and Perchang didn’t fix it, though they did spruce up the graphics, added a third dimension, and changed up some of the combat mechanics.

Card City Nights 2 (iOS Universal and Android): Speaking of sequels, Card City Nights 2 trades the town of the original game for a flying city…in space. Everybody and their sister is enamored with The Card Game, which brings some fun changes. It's a great follow up and worth grabbing if you enjoyed the original and premium CCGs in general.

Rogue Wizards (iOS Universal): Packed full of loot and Rogue Wizards is Diablo III in your pocket, or pretty close anyway. It's free to play but pick up the "Gem Drops x 2" IAP is to replicate the Steam version's advancement

A Planet of Mine  (iOS Universal and Android): A Planet of Mine hits all the Civilization buttons, but in real time and will cartoony animals in space. It has a generous free-to-try mode and the $5 "Galactic pack" unlocks all the myriad options and lots of replay value. For my money, it’s one of the best games of 2017.



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