Pocket Tactics Game of the Year Awards 2016 – Voting Open!

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It's that time of year! The time where we get to make our voices heard and crown our favourite titles as Kings/Queens of their respective genres. No wedding is too red for us, in the Game of the Year you Win or you... get Runner-Up. Yeah. 

The voting period for the 2016 Pocket Tactics Game of the Year Awards is now OPEN. The current plan is to close nominations two weeks from now on December 23rd although this will be subject to editorial needs, being the holiday season and all.

The Pocket Tactics staff will start their voting behind the scenes and their nominations will form the basis of the awards. We want you readers to have your say as well though, so along with the Reader's Choice Award we're also opening reader voting for all of the main categories as well.

Eligible Games 

For the main vote, all games that have been reviewed on Pocket Tactics in 2016 and received a score of 4 or 5 are eligible to be nominated for the awards. The full list is here.

The ONLY exception is the 'Wildcard' vote in the Reader's Choice award, which is explained in more detail below.

Anything that scored a 3 or less or hasn't been reviewed on Pocket Tactics isn't eligible for nomination. Any votes for such games will not be counted. This will help keep the shortlist fixed and manageable, but I'll be evaluating this for next year's awards.

I will keep you guys updated as to what reviews are incoming between now and the cut-off period. See comments below.


Strategy - Tactical
Strategy – Strategic
Card Game
Storybook/Interactive Fiction

We're experimenting with dividing up the strategy genre this year since there are a lot of candidates. This division is one of scale:

  • 'Tactical' games are ones that focus on the action or tactics of a group of units. Games liket his may/may not have some surrounding management mechanics, like Warbits.
  • 'Strategic' games typically focus more on the big picture, although they may/may not include a tactical layer for combat resolution – like Legends of Callasia.

What dictates where a game fits depends on which element it focuses on – if a game legitimately seems to focus on both equally, then they are eligible for either category.

NOTE: A game may only be nominated in one category, regardless of how many awards it may fit into. The exception is 'Reader's Choice' - a game can be nominated for Reader's Choice and another main category.

Reader Voting

Main Categories

Each category's 'Game of the Year' and 'Runner Up' nomination will be handled by PT staff members.

There will be a 'Reader's Pick' nomination as well that you guys can get involved in.

Reader's Choice Award

The procedure here is entirely reader driven. We want you guys to vote on your ultimate mobile game of 2016.

Using the criteria outlined in the 'Eligible Games' section above, please vote for your:

  • Game of the Year
  • Runner-Up
  • Wildcard

The 'Wildcard' nomination is a way for readers to nominate a game that either didn't score well on PT, or wasn't reviewed by us. It doesn't even have to be have been released this year if you think there is a game that's dominated 2016 despite not being released in 2016. Think of this as an additional 'Game of the Year' type of vote to accompany the actual GOTY.

Voting Process

The voting process is simple - you just need to send us an email.

Header: Pocket Tactics GOTY 2016

Body: (Please use the following template)

Reader's Choice Awards

Game of the Year - [Nomination]
Runner-Up - [Nomination]

Wildcard - [Nomination] + [Reason Why]

Main Categories

[Category] - [Nomination]
[Category] - [Nomination]
[Category] - [Nomination] etc...

We're using the words 'nomination' and 'vote' pretty interchangeably here - we will tally up all of the 'noms' and the game with the most votes will win. Any ties will be handled by the PT staff. The winners will be announced in daily articles starting December 27th.

Any questions - don't hesitate to comment below or get in touch!



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