Pocket Tactics One-Year Opinion & Feedback Poll

By Joe Robinson 11 Jul 2017 0

It’s been one year since I took over as Editor-in-Chief of Pocket Tactics and Wargamer Ltd, and I’ve had a great time running these sites and bringing you engaging and relevant content. Since starting, I’ve made a whole myriad of decisions, from new hires to content direction and everything in-between, and I’m very interested in finding out how these changes have resonated with you, the readers.

After all, all this is pointless if you guys aren’t really happy with the way things are headed, and while the forum is always there if you want to submit feedback, there’s nothing quite like an anonymous form get people thinking as well! Please click here or on the link below and take a couple of minutes to fill out the poll. Be as honest and as critical as you please.

I’ve tried to ask a broad range of questions covering a few key points I’m interested in. There’s a final bit at the end to talk about anything else you don’t think the other questions cover – please use it! If you want to contact me personally with any follow-up feedback or suggestions, you can find me at our chat room Discord server, or via email at: joer [at] wargamer [dot] com

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