Pokemon Masters’ Events - Sync Pair Spotlight Scouts, Training Events & More!

By Joe Robinson 19 Sep 2019 0

Look, don't judge me, ok? I've been playing Pokemon Masters more than I thought I would and I kind of like it in short bursts. There's definitely a tactical element to the battles in essentially trying to manage your own squad's tempo whilst also making sure your opponents are taken out in the right way. Usually by going after the middle one first but sometimes it's a case of taking out who you can, when you can to slow down your opponent's Sync Move gauge.

Don’t forget to check out our guide with top tips & tricks to get you started. We've also got a guide to the best Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs.

Anyway - the game's been out a while now, and there are a fair few special events running at the same time. I thought it might be handy to compile a full list so you know what's going on at the moment.

Pokemon Masters Story Events

These narrative events are self-contained stories that will feature both Story and Battle sections - they're pretty much 'one-and-done' - there is no incentive for re-running the chapters.

pokemon masters special events

Pokemon Masters 'Reach for the Top' Story Event

This is the first, and so far only, story event for Pokemon Masters. If you're new to the game an extra ‘Events’ section will have appeared in your ‘Explore’ tab. The ‘Reach for the Top’ is a story-driven event centred around the Blue/Pidgeot sync pair, and serves as a brief introduction to them as characters. This story event will end on September 30th.

Some things to note:

  • You need to have cleared Chapter 5 (Skyla & Swanna) of the main story in order to access this special event.
  • Your team composition will be fixed, so you can’t take whoever you want.
  • Sync Pair levels are also fixed, so it won’t matter what level your current roster is at - sync pairs featured in the event will be at a fixed level.
  • Sync pairs featured in the Story Event will be using different moves and abilities than what they have when Scouted and obtained by the player.

The event will come with the usual rewards for completion, such as gems, level guides etc...

Pokemon Masters Training Events

These are short-run chapters that typically involve two boss battles - one harder than the other. These are also found in the 'Events' tabs and can be re-run any number of times to grind out the specific rewards and bonus XP.

pokemon masters training events

Pokemon Masters Rock-Type Training Event

This is the first Training-type event to be released to the game and coincides with the Olivia Spotlight Scout event (see below). Until September 24th you can fight Shauntal and her Chandelure to grind Level Up Manuals and bonus XP for any Rock-type Sync pair you bring into the match. Non Rock-type Pokemon Sync Pairs will also get a sizeable XP boost, but not as much as Rock-types so this is an excellent chance to boost characters such as Brock/Onyx or Olivia/Lycanroc.

Note: Even though Brycen and his Cryogonal are listed as a dual Ice/Rock type pair, they do not quality for the XP boost from this training event.

Pokeon Masters Grass-Type Training Event

This Training event released to coincide with Lyra/Chikorita's introduction to the game (and the paired Spotlight Scout event).

Like above you can fight the boss (this time, Crasher Wake & Floatzel) to grind out Level-Up Manuals (1 Star & 2-Star) and get bonus XP for any Grass-type participating in the match. This event will run until September 30th. 

Pokemon Masters Spotlight Scouts

These events revolve around specific Snyc-Pairs (so far, 5-star sync pairs) and grant you a slightly better chance of pulling the promoted pair when doing a Sync Pair Scout. At the moment the odds have been 2% for the promoted pair vs. the vanilla 1.4%. Note that during a Spotlight Scout other 5-Star pairs are reduced to a 1% pull rate, but the global pull-rate of 5-Star (and other tier) sync pairs remains the same.

Note that several different Spotlight Scouts and other promotions (such as the launch promotion) can be running at the same time within the 'Sync Pair Scout' section of the store. You need to cycle between them and do the Sync-Pair Scout action on the one you want, otherwise you won't get the revised Offering Rates.

Also note that each individual Spotlight Scout event comes with its own 'Scout Points' tracker. To re-cap, you get 1 Scout Point for every Sync-Pair Scout you perform. When you reach 400, you get to scout any one sync-pair of your choice from those being offered within the specific Scout Event (special or otherwise). Please refer to Lyra/Chikorita's section below for further details on what this means.

pokemon masters reach for the sky sync pair scout rate

Pokemon Masters - Blue & Pidgeot Spotlight Scout

A long with the inaugural 'Reach for the Top' story event and their inclusion into the game, Blue & Pidgeot have also gotten a special Spotlight Scout event in the store to give you a slightly better chance of pulling them when you do a Sync-Pair Scout. This event will end on September 30th.

Pokemon Masters - Olivia & Lycanroc Spotlight Scout

Olivia & Lycanroc were already in the game at launch, but they've been given their own Spotlight Scout event in conjunction with the Rock-type Training Event. This will last until September 24th.

Pokemon Masters - Lyra & Chikorita Spotlight Scout

Lyra & Chikorita's inclusion into the game did not come with a Story-type event, but they do have their own Spotlight Scout event in the store. This will end on September 30th.

It's worth noting that since Lyra & Chikorita were introduce AFTER the Olivia & Blue Spotlight Scout events were launched, they are not included in those sync-pair pools. In other words, it's impossible to get Lyra or Chikorita via the other Spotlight Scout events above. However, Olivia (who was there at launch) and Blue (who was introduced earlier) can be scouted from any of the three special Spotlight Scout events currently running.

We'll try and keep this list up-to-date as and when more events get introduced to the game. If you see anything else, let us know!



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