Premium games are dead, long live premium games

By Joe Robinson 02 Jul 2018 1

The future of premium games on mobile is far from certain. Yeah, Free-to-Play is kind of kicking ass right now and Fortnite seems to be showing that the appetite there isn’t going away. If the industry can shift away from cynical Free-to-Play business practices, it might even put down premium games for good. That said, take a guess as to what our most read article was last week?

Premium games aren’t going anywhere, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that only a handful will ever manage to combine that perfect storm of circumstances to see their game return an investment. At least, enough to want to keep going, anyway.

One of those destined developers is Arnold Rauers, the face of TINYTOUCHTALES. You may remember them as the devs who make the excellent  Card Crawl, Card Thief and Miracle Merchant, one of which features on our list of the best card games around.

Late last week he put out a tweet stating that his company had hit a wonderful milestone; between the above three games, their combined gross revenue across iOS and Google Play reached $500,000 USD:


In some follow up tweets, he revealed that around 66% ($330,000) game from iOS, with the rest ($170,000) from Android users. We’re really glad to see Arnold doing so well, and we can’t wait to see what his next project is.

There’s definitely still an audience for premium games, but perhaps there’s only so many games that audience can support. We’ll keep trying to highlight cool projects as we find them, but we’re also going to have to start taking more notice of the wider trends within the industry.

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