Project Aurora is no-more-a: say hello to EVE: War of Ascension

By Joe Robinson 12 Apr 2018 0

The true name of CCP's ‘Project Aurora’ - the mobile spin-off to space MMO EVE Online - has been revealed.

EVE: War of Ascension will attempt to offer the same open world and player-driven gameplay that the PC version is infamous for, but purpose built for mobile users and the mobile market:

True to the EVE universe, the game will allow players to create their own stories, choosing to work cooperatively with other players or to fight them for resources. As players progress further in the game, they’ll hunt for mysterious relics that unlock new unexplored areas of space. The game will feature engaging weekly events as well as limited-time promotions.

The mobile MMO is being developed by PlayRaven and will now also be published by veteran mobile publisher Kongregate to bring it to market. CCP have had mixed success with developing and publishing their own games outside of EVE itself, so letting others do most of the work is probably a wise choice.


There aren’t any details currently regarding business model right now, but War of Ascension is being deliberately designed to appeal to a wider audience. Pocket Gamer managed to go hands on with an early version of the game last October, if you’re interested.

EVE: War of Ascension is due to launch “later this year” on iOS and Android devices.



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