PSA: Civ Rev in-game ads could have been a lot worse

By Owen Faraday 26 Jun 2012 0
Back on the 16th of this month, I lit up the Skepto-Signal in Weekend Price Drops, alerting you all to prepare to elevate an eyebrow of disdain in the direction of Civilization Revolution. Word on the street had been that Civ Rev's latest update had been a Trojan horse to sneak some adverts in along with the bug fixes. I was prepared for the absolute worst, as if maybe 2K Games had ginned up some new leader dialogue where Montezuma would offer to make peace with you on the condition that you purchased Spec Ops: The Line and then tweeted about it.

Well it's not as bad as all that. Not even close. Are you ready for the ad?

You see that crawl up at the top of the screen, imploring you to download NBA 2K12? That's it. I feel a bit worse for 2K's devs than I do for us, actually - they're the ones who had to code that thing in, and their bosses will soon discover how little overlap there is in the Venn diagram of Civ Rev and NBA 2K12 player populations.

So if you were put off buying Civ Rev because of the alarmist tone struck by Pocket Tactics, consider this a retraction. Civ Rev is still the best 4X game on iOS. By all means, arch those eyebrows if you wish but there are much worthier targets for your scorn.



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