PSA: Do not purchase Final Fantasy All The Bravest

By Owen Faraday 17 Jan 2013 0
Seriously, don't. Don't.

The adjacent screenshot speaks for itself really, but just for the sake of clarity: Final Fantasy All The Bravest is a ridiculous boondoggle that would make me sad about the downfall of a great video game publisher if it weren't so infuriating.

It's not simply that FF:ATB is a button-pushing simulator that only the most generous would call a game. It's not simply that FF:ATB is a paid app that also features an exorbitant amount of in-app purchases that tot up to the cost of a console game. It's not simply that the Pavlovian engine of FF:ATB is cynically fuelled by your nostalgia for a cherished game franchise and its characters. It is all of those things.

I have been an apologist in the past for Square Enix's unusually high price points for its Final Fantasy iOS ports. Many freemium-style games haveĀ receivedĀ a warm reception here. Developers have to make money, and no one should begrudge that. But the way that All The Bravest goes about it is so gauche, so ill-mannered, that it can only be interpreted as a measure of Square Enix's disdain for its own fans.

Over at Pocket Gamer, Mark Brown has written a more complete post-mortem than I intend to - I recommend giving it a read if you're still considering buying this thing.
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