Readers' Choice Game of the Year 2015: Card Crawl

By Dave Neumann 30 Dec 2015 0
Starting to think I'll run out of screenshots for this game. Starting to think I'll run out of screenshots for this game.

The ballot boxes have been emptied, and the votes tallied and you, the readers, have spoken. Turns out we both have the same tastes this year as your winner, Card Crawl, has already collected our Board/Card Game of the Year award and just might be getting more hardware for their mantel later today when the Editors' Choice awards are announced (more spoilers!).

What can we say about Card Crawl that hasn't already been said? Not much, which is making me nervous about writing that aforementioned post. If you really need more convincing that Card Crawl from Tinytouchtales is a near perfect mobile game that fits its medium better than any other game this year, check out my review from March or, better yet, listen to Kelsey wax rhapsodic in our Board/Card Game of the Year post.

The runner up for Readers' Choice (and only 23 votes shy of taking the title) was Rodeo Games' Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch-Tyranid Invasion. This tactical squad game managed to be one of the most beautiful games on mobile as well as having excellent turn-based combat and brilliant scenario design. In July, Owen called it the year's best game so far. Looks like you guys think alike.

To see all of the games recognized in the Pocket Tactics Best of 2015 Awards, visit the 2015 Awards Index page.
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