This is the Police spin-off 'Rebel Cops' is coming to mobile

By Joe Robinson 19 Nov 2019 0

Admittedly, we weren’t the biggest fans of This is the Police. While the management/tactical strategy series had potential, a lot of it was wasted on terrible characters and a questionable premise, which is something that wasn’t really addressed in the sequel either (despite other improvements).

One thing that always worked well though, regardless of everything around it, were the tactical battles. Perhaps the developers realised this too because in September this year they released Rebel Cops, a spin-off to This is the Police that focuses purely on the tactical strategy elements. To summarize from the official blurb:

Lead a ragtag squad of cops in rebellion against their town's new criminal power to see how long you can hold out when you're constantly short on supplies and a single shot can cost a cop their life.

It still sounds like it’s trying to be edgy, but you can forgive a lot with an engaging tactical layer, so on paper this still has potential. As the headline states, this is now coming to mobile, which is why we care:

There’s no release window, other than “soon”, sadly, but we do know that it’ll contain roughly 15 hours of gameplay, will be a premium title, and won’t contain ads or micro-transactions (and it’s not going to Apple Arcade). We’ll let you know more as it comes in.

Keep an eye out for when Rebel Cops releases on iOS and Android.



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