Return of the Giveaway: Strike Team Hydra - CLOSED

By Admin 17 Aug 2017 46

We’re back with another game giveaway, once again courtesy of Wave Light Games to celebrate their recent release, Strike Team Hydra. You can read our review if you want to know more about the game (tl;dr: we really liked it), but since you’re here, why not try winning a copy of the game for free?


We’ve got FIVE iOS Codes, and TEN Android codes to giveaway. To be in with a chance at winning one of these, you need to write out a response to the following:

Strike Team Hyrda, like Demon’s Rise before it, features classes. Thinking in the same vein of futuristic games like this (XCOM etc…), design yourself a class you’d like to see in the roster, and explain what role it’s supposed to fill.

Answers on a post-card in the comments, please state the name of your class, a brief description of what it would do, and why you think it would work within a sci-fi tactics context. These can also include sub-branches of more staple classes, much like how Snipers in XCOM can specialise in different areas.

hydra4 min2

Finally, please state what platform you would want the code on. If you do have an Android device you game on, please consider taking an Android code if possible.

Any questions, feel free to ask, but only posts that meet the requirements will count towards your entry into the draw.




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