Return of the King: X-Com creator to make iOS debut with new title

By Owen Faraday 02 Nov 2012 0
Back to your roots. 1985's Chaos on the ZX Spectrum, paving the way for Rebelstar and X-Com.

Julian Gollop, the legendary creator of X-Com: UFO Defense (and occasional Pocket Tactics columnist), has announced that he intends to make his first iOS game with a "sequel/remake" to his 1985 ZX Spectrum strategy title Chaos.

Gollop posted the news on Twitter, where he said that he's aiming for iOS, PC, and Mac to begin with, but "hopefully Android, Linux and Ouya" as well. Speaking personally, this will be my first chance to play a new Julian Gollop design in some time, as his work in the past decade (Rebelstar: Tactical Command and Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars) was for Nintendo handhelds that I didn't have.

I've reached out to Gollop to see if he's got any more details to share with us. It's a good day, guys.



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