Rio Grande's official Dominion coming 16 August (UPDATED)

By Owen Faraday 13 Aug 2012 0
Soon. Soon.

Back in June I had a brief exchange with Rio Grande, who told me that they hoped to deliver an iOS edition of their fanatically adored deck-building game Dominion in July. If you can't see your Renier Knizia pin-up calendar from where you're sitting, it's August, and there's still no Dominion.

One thing we did know was that when the freely-available fan version of Dominion vanished from the App Store, that was the telltale that the official Rio Grande-blessed edition was en route. That day has come.

Cory Hammer, the maker of the ersatz Dominion, has removed his game from the App Store. Over on his website, he's posted a note announcing that the official app is coming on August 16th. Hammer's announcement includes a features list promising "unlimited, free play" of the base Dominion set with expansions "available for purchase", suggesting a monetization scheme like that of Summoner Wars. Other features include AI for offline play (or does it? see Update II) and an all-new "adventure mode".

I contacted Rio Grande for confirmation and head honcho Jay Tummelson verified that Dominion is coming this Thursday. I'm hoping to crib a screenshot or two to share with you - in the meantime you can gaze longingly at the portal for the closed beta.

UPDATE: Talked to Jay Tummelson again to get clarity on a question many have written in to ask. The app coming out this Thursday is an iOS front end for the HTML 5 web app developed by Goko that is currently in beta testing. There's an Android version as well which will also be available this week.

UPDATE II (15 August): Among some other questions, I asked Rio Grande specifically if the AI would support offline play and didn't get a response to that particular query. Take that as you will.

UPDATE III (15 August): It's midnight in New Zealand - where's Dominion?

UPDATE IV (18 August): Dominion's launch has gone so poorly that Goko have kicked everyone off their platform and gone back to beta.

 (Hat tip to Mark for the heads-up)



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