Roguelike and 4X combine on Android and iOS in the just announced Hero Generations: Regen

07 Apr 2016 1

Hero Generations arrived on Steam last April with the pitch that it was both a Roguelike and a 4X game rolled into one. Basically, it took the 4X concept but, instead of applying it to a nation, shrunk it down until it applied to an individual character. A hero, if you will. The original game was only available for PC/Mac, but developer Heart Shaped Games just announced that a new version, Hero Generations: Regen, is in development and coming to mobile.

Hero Generations: Regen is a complete remake of the original title with a completely new engine. Each in-game turn is one year of your character's life. You can build towns, get married, have kids, etc., but eventually you will grow old and die. You can then start playing as one of your character's progeny and continue the cycle. This new edition will have a bunch of new content over the original Hero Generations game. That means new items, characters, buildings, traits, quests, and more. 

The game world is procedurally generated, so each new game will be completely different than the last and there will also be a "daily challenge" mode, so you can compete against friends for the top score using a new predetermined character and world each day.

Hero Generations: Regen is still in the early stages, but we're hoping to get our hands on a playable build within a month or so. I smell a preview article in the works! Hero Generations: Regen is due for iOS and Android, but is using the Unity engine so will also be available for PC and Mac, if that's your thing.



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