I don't want to alarm anyone... but Rome: Total War is coming to iPhone

By Joe Robinson 31 Oct 2017 0

Feral Interactive must be really excited by this news, I got the same email like five times (to the same account)! The Apple-specialists have for the past year or so been porting Creative Assembly's iconic grand-strategy RTT/TBS hybrid to iPad. Starting with Rome: Total War in November 2016, they then ported the Barbarian Invasion expansion in April this year, before tackling Alexander in July.

Much to the detriment of phone-users everywhere, these games were only available on tablets... until today! Ish.


The news that Feral seems so eager to share is that Rome: Total War will now be coming to iPhone devices which, hopefully, will make it iOS Universal. We're not given any details on minimum specs or even a release date, but it's coming this 'Winter'. So anytime between now and potentially January/February 2018, depending on how you count the season. The only concrete information comes from Managing Director David Stephen, where he says the game will be out "before the Ides of March".

As for design, they also mentioned this:

"Just as for the iPad, ROME: Total War on iPhone will be the full experience, with a suite of features designed specifically for phone, from a redesigned user interface to enhanced touch controls."

We'll bring you more information on this as we get it. Now all we need is that Android release...



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