Rome: Total War Is Coming To iPad!?

By Joe Robinson 12 Aug 2016 3

Well. That happened. Developer Feral Interactive has just announced it's working with Creative Assembly to bring the iconic Rome: Total War to iPad.

Rome: Total War was Creative Assembly's first game in their iconic Total War franchise that used a fully 3D engine. Like its predecessor, Rome 2, it was filled to the brim with bugs & oddities but is generally considered one of the best Total War releases. The modding community especially as been instrumental in keeping this game alive, and we're very excited to see it get a new lease of life on tablets.

Here is the trailer that accompanied the announcement:

The only time-frame we have is “the autumn”, which isn't that far away when you think about it, so we'll bring you more information as we get it.

Feral Interactive have a long history of bringing iconic franchises to Mac & Linux, and have worked on other Total War games like Shogun 2 and Warhammer as well the LEGO franchise, and even XCOM.



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