RPG Game of the Year 2017: Planescape: Torment

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The winner of our next category is a blast from the past which had a rather excellent return to form in the guise of an ‘Enhanced Edition’. Originally released in 1999, Planescape: Torment was a critical success with journalists of the day, and it’s no surprise it was a hit with everyone when it re-released this year as well.

Matt had the honour of reviewing the game for us on mobile, and he had this to say on the game’s award:

On the face of it, a game dating back to the last millennium, with a clunky interface and muddy graphics, is far from an obvious Game of the Year contender. However, Planescape: Torment’s timeless design means that it can still ensnare a whole new generation of fans. Set in a unique world, where talking to the cast of oddball characters is just as important as slicing and dicing, it is clear from the start that Planescape does not pander to the usual fantasy stereotypes. With a huge world to explore and branching plotlines, it is a game that offers 50 hours of darkly humorous delights.

You definitely want to check out Matt’s 5-star review if you want to know the full extent of what we thought, and if you haven’t picked this up already, now would be a great opportunity. A very well-deserved victory.

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Runner Up: Cat Quest

Meanwhile, our runner-up certainly isn’t the most typical RPG to grace our desk. The Gentlebros’ Zelda homage may have a cute, animal based aesthetic, but it comes with a surprising amount of depth and gameplay that together makes for a rather engaging experience.

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Short-lived Pocket Tactics writer Paul Meekin said this in his review:

You smile a lot playing this game, as its charm intertwines with your nostalgia for the games it happily pulls from for your enjoyment. Ultimately, if you’re looking for an action-RPG without a ton of soul-crushing depth, a lot of charm, and a really fun (if occasionally frustrating) combat system, and hours of content, Cat Quest is the Cat’s Meow. Is it a ‘core’ title for ‘core’ players on mobile devices? No. It doesn’t even have the depth of say, Battleheart: Legacy or the Shadowrun games. But it’s not even competing with those titles, really. It aims to be an accessible, fun, silly, challenging, simple, worth your five dollars and about 10-15+ hours of your attention. It endeavours to do a few things really well (combat, animation, ‘charm’), versus lots of things mediocre.

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Staff Picks & Honourable Mentions

Again, the quality of this year’s front-runners was evident even amongst the staff, with the vote being split evenly between Planescape & Cat Quest.

In terms of other honourable mentions, the third place vote goes to Sunless Sea. Well, technically it goes to ‘Abstain’ but we won’t dwell on that… 


A well deserved win for Beamdog, and congratulations to The Genltlebro’s as well.

To keep track of all the winners and runner-up’s during the 2017 Awards, please see the 2017 Awards Index Page.



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