Sarah Northway: Angelina Jolie is in Rebuild and other lesser-known facts

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Owen is on holiday this week! Enjoy this guest post from the awesome Sarah Northway.

Sarah Northway here - creator of the zombie strategy game Rebuild. If you've played it, you may have noticed that I peppered it with references to everything from Oregon Trail to Dawn of the Dead. But there's some stuff going on in Rebuild that you might have missed.

The faces in the game were created from real photos of my friends and family... who are mostly boring white people, so I changed some volunteers' skin color, facial hair, weight and/or age to achieve a more interesting-looking cast.

That's me - Sarah NorthwayMy husband Colin NorthwaySpelunky developer Derek YuBraid artist David HellmanRebuild's artist, EvilKris
World of Goo and Indie Fund guy Ron CarmelGame designer Tiff ChowFaraway dev Steph ThirionAppabove dev Aaron IsaksenAngelina Jolie (sans makeup)

Here's some more Rebuild trivia:

  • The survivor names are generated from the names of people I know, as well as characters from action movies and games. There are 6 million random name combinations in Rebuild, including: Gordon "Meatboy" Freeman, Colin "Pacifist" Northway, and Snake "Tallahassee" Plissken.

  • In the code, I named the class that represents a survivor "Colin", after my husband. So all over the place I have functions with names like "getLivingColins", "findSeniorColin", "pickColinToHurt", and the dreaded "killColin".

  • There are references to the home improvement show "This Old House" and its host Bob Vila. Known as "Bob Bila" in Rebuild (and looking suspiciously like my husband), he can sometimes be found fixing up old farmhouses.

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