Watch an hour's worth of Scythe: Digital Edition gameplay right now

By Joe Robinson 08 Mar 2018 3

Earlier in the our sister site Strategy Gamer told us that Asmodee Digital were planning on streaming some Scythe: Digital Edition gameplay for the first time on their brand-new Twitch channel.

That stream has now come and gone, but never fear; if you didn’t get a chance to catch it live (or want to re-visit it to remind yourself), there’s now a working archived video on the same channel.

The actual gameplay kicks in at around the 15-minute mark and goes on for a whole hour in which you can see how the digital port performs. We’re especially impressed with how they’ve recreated the game board and bringing some of the more generic pieces (like workers) to life in digital form is also a nice touch.

Scythe is a turn-based 4X strategy game set in an alternate history 1920’s. Players need to marshal their resources and build up their game-engine in order to be the first person to get the required number of stars for victory, and these VPs can be earned in a number of different ways.

While the host does reaffirm that Scythe: DE is coming to mobile, no release window other than “soon” was given. Asmodee Digital are also working on the digital edition of Terraforming Mars (among others), which was recently given a Q2 2018 release window.



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