Shadowrun Returns will be jacking into iOS tonight, Android outlook hazy

By Owen Faraday 25 Sep 2013 0
Out tonight. Exile in Meta-Guyville.

In the futuristic dystopia of New Zealand, Shadowrun Returns has popped up in the App Store, meaning that tonight around midnight local time you'll be able to pick it up for iOS. I put some thoughts down about the PC version a few weeks ago that might give you an inkling of what you can expect from a touchscreen version of the game. I thought that Shadowrun Returns was pretty good, but you should bear in mind that the tablet versions won't have access to all of the fan-made campaigns and modules that the PC edition will.

Shadowrun was submitted to Apple for approval weeks ago, so either Harebrained Schemes had to deal with an initial rejection and resubmission, or the game was approved and was being held to coincide with an Android release tomorrow. I'm leaning towards the former of those two possibilities, but I've sent a note over to the devs to see if they'll let us in on their plan.

Harebrained have got a lot on their plate right now: besides these ports they're running a Kickstarter for tabletop/tablet hybrid game Golem Arcana and are working on the first major content pack for Shadow Returns.

The trailer from this summer's PC launch is after the jump.

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