You can now sign up for the Shards of Infinity Beta on iOS & Android

By Joe Robinson 13 Mar 2019 0

Temple Gates Games, the developers that gave us the excellent digital port of Race for the Galaxy, are working on a digital adaptation of the Ascension-follow up Shards of Infinity. Released last year, this competitive deck-builder pits 2 – 4 players against each other in a bid to see who can survive the longest.

Each player has a health pool that can be reduced, and they are knocked out if it reaches zero. Similarly there are ‘Mastery’ points that can be obtained to make cards stronger, and if a player reaches 30 they essentially aut0-win, Exodia-style, by activating their Infinity Shard.

Temple Gate Games have mentioned that the digital game is due Spring 2019, and you can sign up to the beta through this link.

Note: only iOS users get to access the beta for free via TestFlight. It’s implied that Android and Steam users will have to pay for access via these stores respective Early Access programs. For some reason TempleGates haven’t figured out you can just generate free codes to give to people, although there’s nothing wrong engaging in the Early Access eco-system to its full extent, I guess.

Here's a list of the current touted game features:

  • 128 Cards
  • 2-4 Player
  • 30 Minute playing time
  • Network multiplayer
  • Local pass and play
  • Solo play against AI



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