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By Joe Robinson 09 Dec 2019 0

It’s one of those weird days where a lot of little things have happened recently that I feel are definitely worth writing up, but haven’t had the chance until now and need to round them up in one go to make sure they all get covered. It's definitely a coincidence that the majority of the news items relate to some kind of card game.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is Dead

Or at the very least, it’s in Limbo. Bethesda announced over the weekend that “active” development of their Elder Scrolls-branded take on Hearthstone was ceasing - no new content or expansions are in the works, although support for the game as-is will continue.

We reviewed Elder Scrolls: Legends when it first came out - we quite liked it over all, and while your enjoyment has a strong correlation to how much you like The Elder Scrolls as an IP, there were plenty of unique elements that allowed Legends to stand on its own as a card game. The CCG craze is so far mimicking what happened after Blizzard launched World of Warcraft. Everyone wanted to make an MMO, and so few of them are still around. I worry the CCG genre will be the same, which is a shame because Hearthstone is a bit of a hot mess.

GWENT Console versions scrapped, Expansion live on PC and iOS

Earlier today we posted up about how great GWENT is on iOS. In light of the recent news that the console versions of the game are actually being scrapped, there’s even more incentive to jump on the iOS band-wagon, as GWENT’s fresh and unique take on the card game genre makes it a genuine competitor to Hearthstone. Also, it’s not been put in limbo, like others we could mention *cough* Legends *Cough*.

If that’s not enough, we’ve just received word that a new expansion has dropped today called Merchants of Ofir. It adds 70 new cards, as well as ‘Stratagem’ cards that make decks more flexible, as well as faction-specific artefacts known as ‘Scenarios’. A special launch offer is available from now until January 2nd that nets you 10 premium kegs from the Merchants of Ofir expansion, a premium cardback, and the Wraith Leader Skin for $24.99.

Slay the Spire Mobile Delayed into 2020

I’d forgotten this was even on the cards for this year, to be honest - the developers behind hit card-based rogue-like Slay the Spire have been taking their time bringing their hit game to mobile - instead focusing on consoles and switch versions first. I found that slightly vexing, but looking a recent developer update brings it into context.

Sadly, the mobile version of Slay the Spire has been pushed back into early 2020, but the good news is thanks to the work that’s been doing making the game compatible for consoles, the mobile work should go a lot more smoothly. They’re essentially delaying so they can get a final round of QA testing in, so we can be reasonably confident it’s coming soon. In the meantime, there are plenty of other great games like Slay the Spire that you can play on mobile.

Black Desert Mobile Pre-Download

Black Desert Online’s mobile version is due to release in a couple of days. If you’re genuinely interested in trying the game out, it should be available to download from today so you can create your character ahead of the servers going live on Wednesday.

That’s all for today - we’ll be back with more updates tomorrow!



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