Slitherine iOS Sale – Last Chance!

By Joe Robinson 06 Jan 2017 4

Before we get to the topic at hand, just an FYI that this week's 'Out Now' update will be dropping tomorrow again instead of today. Sorry about the delay there! -ED

Welcome to 2017! How are you finding it so far? You may remember in the run up to Christmas we posted several updates regarding Slitherine and how they were discounting different batches of their iOS catalogue.

The last day of the last group of discounts ended on December 18th, 2016... but then the whole cycle started again! Who knew! (Observant people, apparently.)

Sadly, the re-runs of the first two batches have already been and gone, but the third wave is still being discounted. This will be your last chance to nab any of the titles below at their discounted rates. To recap, here's what's on offer:

Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front – 75% OFF – 4-Stars

Battle Academy – 75% OFF – 5-Stars

Pike & Shot – 50% OFF – 5-Stars

Magnifico – 75% OFF – 4-Stars (This was also known as Da Vinci's Art of War)

Heroes of Normandie – 34% OFF – 5-Stars

Commander: The Great War – 75% OFF – No Review, although you can read this strategy guide written by Owen. It was also given the seal of approval, if that helps.

Frontline: Road to Moscow – 67% OFF - No Review.

Frontline: The Longest Day – 67% OFF – 3-Stars 

If you've still got app store credit leftover from our Gift Card Guide, these might be some good candidates to spend your money on. This final round of discounts is due to end on January 9th. The wider range of Slitherine/Matrix Games' PC catalogue is also going through a final round of discounts, so check them out if you haven't already. 

Let us know if you end up picking anything up, and what your thoughts are in the comments below!

This article covers games that are developed and/or published by members of the Slitherine Group. Please see the About Us page for more information.



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