Slitherine/Matrix Games mobile releases for 2012

By Owen Faraday 23 Apr 2012 0
I'm live from the Slitherine/Matrix Games Group press event in Stresa, Italy today where the venerable wargaming house has unveiled a number of exciting releases for iOS and Android this year. The nugget from all of these announcements is that Slitherine have taken very seriously the lessons from their hit iPad wargame Battle Academy: people are willing to pay PC-like prices for mobile games that offer PC-like experiences. If you're familiar with any of the PC or Mac iterations of these titles, you can expect that the mobile versions of them will be full-featured ports with touch interfaces redesigned from the ground up.

Panzer Corps for iPad (Q3 2012)

This announcement is surely the biggest news of the day: Panzer Corps for iPad. The unapologetically old-school wargame was a massive hit for Slitherine/Matrix on PC last year and they've been supporting it with a steady stream of new content since release. More details on this today so check back later if you love the idea of playing Panzer General on an iPad as much as any sane nerd should.


Field of Glory for iPad and Android tablets (Q4 2012)

Field of Glory is Matrix's long-running ancient and medieval battlefield tactical game series that has seen half a dozen expansions over the years. Besides iPad, this one is due out for Android but will be restricted to tablets to ensure a user experience that isn't Where's Waldo.


Battle Academy for Android (Q4 2012)

As I prognosticated last week, Slitherine is bringing WWII company-level wargame Battle Academy to Android by the end of this year. Battle Academy for iPad is one of the best strategy games on the on the platform, so Android wargamers should be getting pretty excited right now.



In not-necessarily-the-mobile-news, Slitherine/Matrix announced that they have acquired the Close Combat brand. I'll be pestering them about how soon we can expect an iPad version of Close Combat just as soon as I get a chance.

Stay tuned - more details on these titles coming tomorrow.

UPDATE: More news about Close Combat for tablets (24 April).


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