Smooth operator: The voice-controlled Mayday! Deep Space is out on iOS right now

By Owen Faraday 07 Jan 2015 0
One ringy-dingy. One ringy-dingy.

Reader Gordon T. writes:
Owen, have you seen Mayday!? That's not an interrobang. The game's title includes an exclamation point. Anyway, I thought it looked pretty cool.

Gordon that does look pretty cool. And thanks for not using an interrobang, that unsightly proto-emoji of the 1960s.

Mayday! Deep Space has just released on the App Store, and it's a perfectly unique proposition as far as I know. Like Codename Cygnus, this is an audio-driven game that you can control with voice commands, but it's also got a visual component. You are some sort of sci-fi OnStar operator in Mayday; you receive a distress call from a man trapped on a derelict spaceship, the lone survivor of some unknown calamity. You have a bird's-eye view of the situation, and you give him directions to avoid threats and usher him to safety. That is one hell of a neat concept, though you'll want to avoid playing this on the bus I suspect.

The game includes the voice acting from Supernatural star Osric Chau (what a great name) and it's three bucks for an iOS Universal App -- Android is on the way. There's four different endings to the game and the devs say that there's a lot of easter eggs to be found. Watch a video of the gameplay after the jump.

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