SolForge's pitch coming down to the wire (UPDATED)

By Owen Faraday 06 Sep 2012 0
No need to cull too assiduously, now. No need to cull too assiduously, now.

The Kickstarter pitch for Ascension creators Gary Games' digital card game SolForge is getting rather exciting. With four days to go until funding closes, the pitch has raised just north of $225,000 of the $250,000 they're asking for. As everybody and their mother knows by now, Kickstarter rules state that if you don't get all of the money you're looking for, you get bupkis.

According to Kickstarter projection tool Kicktraq, SolForge should just get their noses over the line when the process closes on Monday. I was skeptical about how high the devs were aiming back when they announced the pitch, but I'm genuinely looking forward to this game so I hope the funding pulls through. Though the $500,000 stretch goal does seem a bit silly now, doesn't it?

If you want to cheer on the devs (or have an outlet for your schadenfreude) they're doing a live streaming Q&A this Friday at 1pm PDT.

UPDATE: This outcome is no longer in doubt. Have a look at Kicktraq, SolForge has hit their goal and then some.



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