Solid states: Ironclad Tactics for iOS "a likely possibility"

By Owen Faraday 04 Sep 2012 0
The night they vaporized Dixie down. The night they vaporized Dixie down.

If you were at PAX this weekend you might have caught a glimpse of Ironclad Tactics, the new title from Spacechem creator Zach Barth. For Pocket Tactics readers, the game sounds like a too-good-to-be-true stitch-up: a card-based tactical game set in an alternate American Civil War where both sides fielded steam-powered robots. Please let me give you my monies, Mr Barth.

I asked Zach himself if he had any plans of bringing Ironclad Tactics to iOS - and he called that "definitely a likely possibility," though he emphasized that the PC is the lead platform. No word yet on a release date.

The official Ironclad Tactics page is over yonder - there's a short teaser trailer there, but no screenshots yet.



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