Solitairica Giveaway – Competition Closed!

By Admin 31 Jan 2017 36


We’re a little but late with this one (my fault, sorry), but we’ve got some more free game codes to giveaway this week. You may remember Nick reporting on developer Righteous Hammer and their intent to continue support of Solitairica, a fun card-game with an RPG twist. You can read our review of it here.

We’ve got iOS and Android codes to giveaway for the game in advance of the new update due in February which introduces a new mini-boss.

This will be a random draw, and to enter you only need to do the following:

Solitairica takes the classic ‘Solitaire’ card game and twists it into something unique. What other classic card games have you seen re-invented into something else and what was unique about it?

Post below in the comments. The answer doesn't have to be a mobile game; it can be from any medium but the core elements of the game being adapted have to be clearly identifiable in the design. If you can’t think of an existing game, feel free to make up something you would find interesting, adding in a quick sentence or two as to how it would work.

The competition will close and the winners will be contacted on Monday 6th February. Make sure you keep an eye on the forums – all winners will be messaged via PM. Any questions, you know where we are!



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