Soul nexus: God of Blades arrives for Android

By Owen Faraday 06 Mar 2013 0
Root-a-tron sounds dirty. Now comes Droid Open-Face, wielder of Root-a-tron

Good news for citizens of the other side: psychedelic action phenomenon God of Blades has arrived for Android, and is on sale for a dollar to boot. White Whale Games had been keeping this port on the low-low, just like they did with PC multiplayer spin-off Slayers.

The PT 2012 Action Game of the Year remains one of my favourites: even if you don't go in for the acid trip aesthetics or the Wendy Carlos-does-Beowulf soundtrack, it's still a game about running around swatting ghosts with a sword longer than you are tall. Hard proposition to turn down.

Android brigadistas have even more reinforcements on the way: 10000000 creator Luca Redwood has been skulking around our forums recruiting Android beta testers of late.

The God of Blades launch trailer is after the jump.

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