Space Grunts 2 is out now on iOS

By Joe Robinson 03 Dec 2019 0

When Space Grunts released at the start of 2016, we loved it. Tof said in their review that the highest praise they could give was that it was probably going to be a permanent fixture on their phone. While Tof no longer writes for us, I like to think Space Grunts is still being played every so often.

It’s hard then not to be excited by the prospect of Space Grunts 2, the sequel Orangepixel has been working on for the past few years. It’s been in Steam Early Access since September (Pascal Bestebroer has always been vocal about Steam being better for Indies versus mobile), but now that it’s finally released into 1.0, it’s also come to iOS! With any luck, an Android version will turn up at some point too.

Space Grunts 2 is still the turn-based sci-fi roguelite you remember from the first game, only this time there are cards! Every item and weapon you pick up becomes a card for your ‘deck’, and playing them to do actions is fairly quick and seamless, as highlighted by this handy gif:

space grunts 2 cards

As for what the rest of the game is like, you’ll have to wait until we’ve done our full review. I’ll be getting someone on this today, so our final verdict should drop early next week. In the meantime, here’s a headline feature list from the press release:

  • Mixing a top down roguelike with card-battling
  • Unique deck-building system (collecting items on the map)
  • Daily challenges (with leaderboards)
  • Unlockable modifier cards - changing the flow and rules of the game
  • Random events, random modifications
  • Procedurally generated levels

Space Grunts 2 is an iOS Universal App and costs $2.99.




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