Sports Game of the Year 2013 Runner-Up: Pro Strategy Football 2013

By Owen Faraday 09 Dec 2013 0
Let's not talk about the Giants, okay Let's not talk about the Giants, okay

I can't find the comment now but a non-football fan, after reading our review of Kerry Batts's Pro Strategy Football 2013, remarked that the game described sounded like a wargame to him. I'd never thought about it like that but he was absolutely right: American football is a wargame.

A field divided up into tiny pre-measured increments; turn-based action, a Rainman-worthy sheaf of stats generated by every single play. Viewed through that lens, it's a wonder that the only turn-based football strategy sim you can get on mobile is PSF 2013.

PSF is a one-man show, created by Texan Kerry Batts. As such, it isn't the prettiest game on your phone, and it's certainly not a Football Manager- or OOTP-style soup-to-nuts front office sim; there's no hiring and firing coaches or signing players or changing the price of brats in the stadium. What there is is play-calling: a detailed football tactics engine that takes your plays and dynamically runs them against a canny AI, taking into account numerous different rating for all 22 players on the field. As I said in my review in September, Pro Strategy Football 2013 is the Dwarf Fortress of football sims.

Even if you're not a football fan, like the commenter in that lost comment I cited above, Kerry Batts is football fan enough for the two of you. It's a game that just oozes his passion for the game, and it never stops being thrilling. Batts has been continually improving the game since launch, making tweaks and adding features. He's got big plans for the future that include welcome additions like multi-season franchise mode, but I hope PSF never loses its scalpel-pointed focus on tactics.

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