Spotted: New Android Humble Mobile Bundle BoardGame Bonanza

By Joe Robinson 08 Nov 2016 4

Do you want $54 worth of awesome digital boardgame adaptations for as little as $5? No? Oh... well I wasn't expecting that. Er, damn. What was Plan B?

Humble Bundle have returned with another mobile-facing offering that's packed full of great digital boardgame titles for android users.

In the first tier, which will cost you as little as $1/£0.80, you get 2013's Carcassonne, and 2012's Scotland Yard... neither of which we've actually reviewed, it seems. They must be so good we just couldn't put it into words.

The next tier, which will cost you at least $3, nets you the above with the addition of Splendor, Catan and THE aMAZEing Labyrinth. Splendor reviewed quite well with Dave last year, and Matt wrote about the additional multiplayer functionality in his recent musings on multiplayer being digital and physical boardgames. Catan and Labyrinth are more omissions that we shall add to our pile of (non-existent) shame. 

The final tier (minimum of $5) holds everything above plus Ticket to Ride, San Juan and Galaxy Trucker. Ticket garnered high praise from Kelsey, while Galaxy Trucker had Dave positively gushing. San Juan... well, let's not talk about that.

At the time of writing, this deal still has 13 days left to go and Humble Bundle aren't done with us yet. Even more games will be added to the bundle next Monday, November 14th. If you've paid more than the average price (we're assuming price as of next Monday), you'll automatically get the new games when they are revealed. If not, you'll probably have to up your spend or pay a little more for the additional titles.

It's also unclear whether these additional titles will form a new tier, or be added to existing tiers. 

Let us know in the comments if you purchase this bundle and be sure share your experiences with your new games!



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