Star Command devs "guarantee" release in January - but where?

By Owen Faraday 10 Dec 2012 0
The Phobos Shipyards from Star Command. Building a mystery.

When we last heard from Star Command devs Warballoon, it was November and they were sidling away from a 2012 release. In a new Kickstarter update entitled "The Finish Line", the Colorado-based studio is promising that the mobile & PC starship sim will see release in "a soft-launch in a couple of western territories". If bigger game devs' release practices are the model Warballoon is following, that means Canada and possibly New Zealand or the Nordic countries - with the rest of the world following only when the devs are satisfied the game is ready.

The post also details plans that the twice-successful Kickstarter alumni have alluded to in the past: regular free content updates that will expand the game beyond the "17 missions and 10 races" that will be available at launch.

So where are these "western territories"? We'll reach out to Warballoon.

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