Star Command to be available worldwide at launch - whenever that is

By Owen Faraday 15 Jan 2013 0
Red shift. Release reboot.

Colorado devs Warballoon caused a few eyebrows to arch in December when they announced that Star Command's launch would be initially limited to a few test markets. Limited Canadian launches have become de rigueur for major multiplayer iOS titles, but almost unheard of for single-player games like Warballoon's long-awaited starship sim.

In a Facebook update yesterday, Warballoon backed off that idea, saying that Star Command would be available on day one around the world. The question now is: when is day one?

Star Command's January launch has gone from being "guaranteed" last month, to an "optimistic" sentiment just after the new year. Comments made yesterday by the devs seemed to be aimed at managing expectations yet again, suggesting that a Star Command release this month isn't in the cards anymore - Warballoon would have needed to submit the game for approval this week to have a shot at a January App Store launch.

In an email to me yesterday, Star Command producer Justin Coombs confirmed the scrapping of the soft launch plan but didn't commit to a new release window.
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