Star Realms gets the United: Assault expansion and foil card support

By Joe Robinson 30 Jul 2018 0

White Wizard Games’ iconic sci-fi deck-building experience Star Realms has just been updated with a new mini-expansion.

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United: Assault is the third update of four in the ‘United’ series of card packs from the physical game, The first two were United: Command and United: Heroes, and the main new mechanic revolves around multi-faction cards. The final pack, Missions, will contain a new card-type that will offer alternative win conditions.

The ‘Assault’ pack includes the following twelve cards that are a mix of multi-faction ships and bases:

  • 2x Coalition Freighter
  • 1x Coalition Fortress
  • 2x Alliance Frigate
  • 1x Alliance Landing
  • 2x Assault Pod
  • 1x Unity Station
  • 2x Unity Fighter
  • 1x Union Cluster

Special effects and combos trigger when two factions combine. An update on both iOS and Android has made this pack available to purchase via IAP for $1.99 | £1.69, as well as updating the UI and adding in support for foil cards.

There was a five month gap between Command & Heroes, and a three month gap between Heroes and Assault. Missions should be out by the end of the year, at least.



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