Star Traders Frontiers Upcoming Update Changes Everything

By Joe Robinson 27 Aug 2019 5

It’s no secret, we’re big fans of Star Traders: Frontiers here at Pocket Tactics. The open-world sci-fi RPG does a lot of things right, from its free-form character customisation, to the blank-slate that is your ship and the path you can choose out amongst the stars.

Beyond that though, it’s also a pretty respectable beacon of not only premium mobile games, but game development in general. Frontiers occupies a ‘middle-ground’ in terms of pricing, but Cory and Andy Trese (known as the Trese Brothers) are continually adding to the game. From micro-content drops, to new ship classes and now - a brand new late-game Era.

STF Era 6 3

This ‘Sixth’ Era - known as either The Era of Dissension or The Era of Consolidation depending on your choices, essentially brings all of the change and evolution the game world will have gone through to a head. It advances several of the main galactic story-lines that chug away in the background. This game-defining threads, like all content in STF, can either be actively engaged with or completely ignored by the player, but they will happen regardless and Era 6 is no exception.

I had a quick chat with the Trese Brothers to go over what’s coming in the new update (which already hit PC today). While every story ‘era’ has a prolonged effect on the game’s underlying simulation, Era 6 specifically is coming with a host of bespoke rules and tweaks that will define how your game will play out:

  • Added new story vignette to introduce the Era, "Buried Demons" with Thulun Intelligence Officer.
  • All new simulation rules, Rumors, Conflicts, and Contact actions/mutations.
  • Added 2 Era-specific Rumors as Coalition power shifts.
  • Added 4 Era-specific special cargo rules for Merchants, Smugglers and Pirates.
  • Added 6 Era-specific Contact creation rules to seed the Era new blood.
  • Added new Era-driven ship encounter and mechanics.
  • Added 8 new ship weapons released by the Era progressions -- gear up for advanced warfare!
  • Added 3 new major story characters who can have wide impact.
  • Added 3 new specialist ship components available through story choices and rewards.
  • Added new unique crew equipment available through story choices and rewards.

Not only that, but a brand-new job type is also coming to the game - the Bodyguard. This is STF’s 34th job, and is a defensive-focused fighter that can dual wield pistols AND Blades.

STF Era 6

This new update will be coming to both iOS and Android shortly - mobile patches usually trail a bit behind the PC updates due to the approval process, but this is just the beginning. Era six marks the start of the Version 2.6.x build, which according the road-map includes a 7th era and a new Xeno species.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to jump back into Frontiers, or need a reason to try it out for the first time, then this latest update should do the trick. There aren't many studios who are so relentless in their support for a game after it releases (for free, no less) and if you have any interest in RPGS where you’re the captain of your own ship, then you need to check this out.



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