Stardew Valley is coming to mobile October 24th

By Joe Robinson 10 Oct 2018 0

Indie PC sensation Stardew Valley is another one of those one-man-band success stories that inspires new generations of game makers. A deceptively deep game, Stardew has just as much in common with the Farming Simulator franchise than it does anything else.

Taking care of the farm is a serious affair in that you really need to keep on top of things, or it will all go horribly wrong. Once you’ve got the basics down though, you can start exploring the nearby Pelican Town, getting to know its residents, and you can even go questing in some cave that’s randomly filled with monsters.

Now, you too can experience the joy of trying to restore your Grandfather’s legacy to its former glory when Stardew Valley comes to iOS on October 24th. Pre-orders are available and the game will cost £7.99/$7.99.

An Android version is reportedly in the works, but no news on that yet. PC players will be able to transfer their save files via iTunes if they wish. Stardew Valley iOS will also feature all of the content from the recent 1.3 update on PC.

As an aside, the mobile version has actually been developed by a company called The Secret Police, who have industry legend Ian Livingstone as a chairman and key investor.



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