State of Play set to release latest, INKS, on May 5th

20 Apr 2016 8

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it before, but one of my loves is pinball. You know, the gigantic boxes with electro-mechanical pieces inside that you attempt to plunk with a heavy metal ball from rubberized flippers. I've always wanted one in my basement (specifically the Star Trek: Next Generation table, none other need apply) but kids, money, and space have made that impossible. Luckily, we have digital pinball games such as Zen Pinball and Pinball Arcade which don't quite fill that hole, but they do a damn good job trying. State of Play, who you might remember from real-life miniature adventure game Lumino City, must enjoy pinball as well as they're next game INKS takes that basic concept and has a little fun with it. How much fun? We'll know for sure when it releases on May 5th.

At first glance, INKS looks like pinball but it's actually a puzzle game. Pinball is merely the mechanism you use to complete each puzzle, which involves striking colored panels with the ball. As the panels are struck, paint erupts from each, forming a colorful canvas that the ball will track through, dragging lines of paint behind it. It's rather striking and did I mention it's pinball?

INKS is coming to iOS Universal on May 5th. No word, yet, on pricing. State of Play did, however, send over the iOS trailer so we can finally see the game in action. Did I mention it's pinball?

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