Steam Link's iOS app has been updated

By Joe Robinson 14 Jun 2018 3

Our eagle-eyed peers over at TouchArcade have spotted an update to the iOS version of Valve’s Steam Link App. While Apple prevented the app from releasing on iOS due to "business conflicts", if you get invited to the TestFlight you can still try out a beta version of the streaming software.

This morning, the TestFlight was updated with a few UI tweaks and one key changes – you can no longer purchase games via the Steam Link app, although TouchArcade reports you can still buy certain things via Steam Wallet funds on the Marketplace.

TA Image

Image courtesy of TouchArcade

Hopefully this concession will be enough for Apple to greenlight the app so that iOS users can enjoy the novelty of their Steam library on their phone.

Remember if you’re an Android user, you can download the beta-version of the app right now and take it for a spin. Gadget Hacks has a great guide for getting your Steam Controller to work with your phone (it requires signing up to Steam’s beta and doing a firmware update), and the app analyses your network to see if you’re likely to get a good performance while using it. You can still purchase games via Steam Link on Android as well.

We plan to take the app for a spin ourselves soon, so we’ll report back our findings when we can.



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