Steel song: Trese Brothers launch Kickstarter for Heroes of Steel

By Owen Faraday 04 Feb 2013 0
Dick Trese. High Kallas, low target.

Monday morning fact: it's pronounced "Tree-see", not "Treese". I've been saying it wrong for years.

A new Kickstarter launched by the Brothers Trese late last week is well on its way to funding success. Cory and Andrew are looking for an eminently achievable $12,000 to finish Android fantasy RPG Heroes of Steel - and they're already over halfway there. At the rate they're going, it's entirely possible that they'll hit their $50,000 stretch goal which will afford a simultaneous release on iOS. The devs first revealed details about Heroes of Steel to us a couple of weeks ago.

As much as we've talked with them and about them here, I've never reviewed a Trese Brothers game on PT. I think that's because it would break my heart to give one of their beautifully idiosyncratic games a three out of five or even a four. Trese Brothers games don't have that new-car smell that comes from well-heeled publisher-backed development teams, or the sophisticated UIs that make Battle of the Bulge and Lost Cities feel like artifacts from the future.

Could I hold the Trese Brothers to the same standard to which I hold other devs and call their games great? Great - perhaps not. But some of my personal favourites? Absolutely. Trese Brothers games are rich with character and big in scope - these are games with real heart. I can't wait to see what they do with a fantasy setting, something they've not attempted yet.

The funding deadline for Heroes of Steel is the 2nd of March.
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