Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 4 Coming September 15th

By Joe Robinson 16 Aug 2016 0

The digital adaptations of Steve Jackson’s iconic Sorcery! gamebook series has always done well here at Pocket Tactics, and Dave has enthusiastically reviewed all three games. The previous instalment, Sorcery! 3 was released in April 2015 and we’ve all be patiently waiting for the fourth and final book to be adapted.

Developer inkle Studios has reached out to tell the world that it need not wait for much longer – Sorcery! 4 will be releasing on iOS, Android and PC/Mac on September 15th, so just under a month away.

Like the original print books, the digital versions allow you to bring your character through each adventure, preserving stats, choices etc… something that studios like Bioware have been championing recently.

When the fourth game releases you'll be able to play through an entire campaign from Analand to Mampang. We’ll try and bring you our review of Sorcery! 4 as promptly as possible, and we’re even bringing Dave back to finish what he started and review it for us.

Here is some more information straight from inkle:

Whether you're starting here or completing an ongoing quest, Sorcery! Part 4 is the longest, most complex, and most devious instalment of inkle's acclaimed narrative series. Here's just a small sample of what this open-world adventure has to offer:

* A full tutorial gets new players situated while suitable difficulty challenges those continuing on.
* Past choices and old friends will come back to help -- or haunt -- as you look for a way into the Archmage's impenetrable Citadel.
* Disguises will allow you to slip around unnoticed, but be warned, some people you meet won't like who you're pretending to be!
* Multifaceted supporting characters can be befriended, betrayed, manipulated... and even seduced.
* Over forty magical traps await your unique, cunning, and devilish solutions.
* Stunning new cartography, hand-drawn by illustrator Mike Schley, includes 3D buildings that can be explored inside and out.
* A plethora of possible endings are in store -- both triumphant and tragic.

Roll on September! Hats off to iOS Board Games and Dave himself for the tip.



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