Stop what you're doing and watch this trailer for First Strike

By Owen Faraday 05 Feb 2014 0
Determining who's left. Determining who's left.

Put your headphones in because the music is great, too. This is my favorite trailer of 2014, and if that sounds like faint praise because it's only February, you should know that I watch so many trailers a day that I'm basically doing Feinheit. They told me that their goal is to make an interesting game, but also to remind you that nuclear war is still a possibility and really, really crappy for everybody.

First Strike is an RTS for iPad and Android that's coming in March. You play as a superpower and conquer countries, research technologies, and spy on your rivals all while fending off nuclear missile attacks. The whole thing plays out in 10 minutes, which makes it sound like a slightly deeper but massively accelerated DEFCON.

I'll leave you alone so you can watch that trailer now. Follow the game's progress on its website.

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