Storm of Souls brewing for Ascension

By Owen Faraday 07 May 2012 0
Ascension devs Playdek reached out to say that they've submitted an update to Apple that will make their Storm of Souls expansion available. Our comrades at BGG iOS Board Games report that the update will include an IAP manager to help sort out the purchase of expansion packs across multiple devices.

I have no free time and I must scream

There hasn't been a ton written about Storm of Souls for iOS but for a flavor of what to expect, have a look at Gamehead's posts about the ink-and-dead-trees version. No word on pricing yet but it seems reasonable to assume that Storm of Souls will be priced at $2.99 like the IAP for Return of the Fallen was. Look for the expansion to drop this week or next.

If you're looking for an Ascension game, we've got a thread going on the forums. I'm basically the Anthony Young of Ascension so if you're terrible, welcome aboard.
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