Strike it up: Matchstick Memories brings puzzles to A Dark Room-style narrative

By Owen Faraday 11 Sep 2014 0
You know how lonely one can feel. You know how lonely one can feel.

Here's by far the most unusual thing to land in my inbox in the last few days, and keep in mind that this is the week Kapsula came out.

Matchstick Memories describes itself as a "meta-text adventure". If you enjoyed A Dark Room, this game is absolutely for you. If you didn't like A Dark Room (and fair enough -- it's a divisive experience), Matchstick Memories might appeal to you regardless.

This is a puzzle game, or to be more accurate, lots of different ones. There's a Dungeon Raid-like line-drawing game, there's a tile-swapping Puzzle Quest-style game, and a couple more. Solving each puzzle -- and how you solve each puzzle -- progresses a storyline told through terse prose snippets that sketch out the barest outlines of a game world. Behind the puzzles is really an old-school text adventure game: you're navigating a world and collecting quest items, but your only means of interacting with the world is the puzzles.

Matchstick Memories is three dollars on iOS -- it's the first release from the delightfully-named dev Cooper Buckingham, who sounds like a character from Clue. Kelsey's reviewing this one for us.
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